Active Commerce Certified Developer training provides you with the basic knowledge you need for an end-to-end Active Commerce implementation. Certified Developers are also able to submit technical tickets in the Active Commerce Help Center. Training covers all steps of Active Commerce implementation via remote, self-paced training with hands-on exercises in a virtual training lab. Training labs are set up on-demand, and trainees have three days to complete the training.

Following completion of the self-paced training, trainees receive up to an hour of Q&A with an Active Commerce Product Engineer, and then can complete the Certification Exam.

All trainees must be Sitecore Certified .NET Developers as a prerequisite for Active Commerce certification.


  • Active Commerce Architecture
  • Product Data Modeling
    • Product Repository
    • Product Template Modeling
    • Product Families
    • Product Catalog
  • Site Configuration
    • Tax
    • Shipping
    • Payment
    • Promotions
  • Skinning
    • Introduction
    • Skinning markup, styles, and scripts
    • Mobile support and skinning
  • Integration/Extension
    • Overview of extension points
    • “Hello World” / Shopping Cart Manager
    • Shipping Service
    • Product Import
    • Product Stock Import
    • Pricing Integration
    • Custom Product Types
    • Order Processing
  • Q&A with Product Engineer
  • Certification Exam


$1,000 USD per student


Contact to schedule your Active Commerce training session.