Active Commerce is more than just a commerce framework for Sitecore -- we simplify your implementation by providing out-of-the-box front-end functionality, with a deep feature set, so that you don’t need to waste time reinventing the online shopping experience.

  • Catalog

    Easily list and merchandize your Sitecore-based product catalog

    Active Commerce harnesses the power of Sitecore’s data model and search technology to provide a first-class product catalog experience out of the box.

    Active Commerce product catalog functionality includes:

    • Category navigation, product listing, and product detail pages
    • Query-based and manually curated product listings
    • Sitecore-managed faceted filtering and product comparison tables
    • Configurable and extensible product sorting options
    • Product variants with flexible options selection and variant pricing
    • Product photo/video galleries
    • Product specification tables
    • Curated related and upsell products
    • Wish List functionality for logged-in users
    • Color swatches
    • Flexible product data model based on Sitecore data templates
    • Sitecore-based management of products and product variants
  • Shopping Cart and Promotions

    Out of the box shopping cart with unique promotional capabilities

    With Active Commerce, there’s no need to reinvent the wheel. Your Active Commerce install includes a fully functional cart, with a powerful promotion and discounting system based on the Sitecore Rules Engine. This is the same engine that drives personalization in Sitecore, allowing Active Commerce to extend Sitecore’s unique segmentation and personalization capabilities into your commerce promotions.

    Active Commerce shopping cart and promotions capability includes:

    • Fully functional cart front-end out of the box
    • Shopping cart persistence for anonymous and logged-in users
    • Product recommendations based on related and upsell products
    • Rules-based cart promotions applied automatically or with a coupon code
    • Subtotal, line item, and shipping discounts
    • Dozens of available promotion conditions, ranging from traffic source to GeoIP to existing cart contents
    • Ability to target promotions based on implicit browsing behavior / customer profile
  • Checkout

    A built-in single-page checkout that reduces purchase friction

    Having a smooth checkout experience is critical to the success of your e-commerce site. Luckily Active Commerce has an out-of-the-box checkout experience based on the best practices, usability testing, and years of commerce experience. Unique checkout requirements can be accommodated by a component-based architecture that allows you to add and customize steps as needed.

    Active Commerce checkout capability includes:

    • Fully functional single-page checkout out of the box
    • Registered user checkout, and guest checkout with “just in time” account creation / login capability
    • Customer address book / saved shipping and billing addresses
    • Flat rate and service-based shipping calculation
    • Flexible tax calculation with built-in support for U.S. sales tax*, Canadian GST/PST/HST*, and European-style VAT tax
    • Rules-based shipping options, e.g. promotional or location-based shipping options
    • Support for on-site credit card data collection or off-site payment completion
    • Flexible payment architecture for plug in payment gateways or enabling offline payments such as purchase orders
    • Rules-based payment options, e.g. by user role or location
    • Multiple payment support, for plugging in 3rd-party gift card or loyalty programs
    • My Account area with order history and status
    • A component-based architecture based on Sitecore and AngularJS

    * Requires tax rate integration through a service such as our ServiceObjects FastTax plugin

  • Content Management

    The power of Sitecore content management, brought to e-commerce

    Because Active Commerce is based natively in Sitecore, all of your product content, e-commerce pages, and supporting content pages can take full advantage of Sitecore’s powerful content management features and capabilities. This includes:

    • Content editing and publishing via the Content Editor
    • WYSIWYG editing and publishing via the Experience Editor
    • Media upload and management via the Media Library
    • Data modeling via the Sitecore data template system
    • Version management and publishing restrictions
    • Content personalization and multivariate testing
    • Translation / internationalization
    • Workflow and approvals
    • Security access controls for both content authoring and published content
  • Content Testing and Personalization

    Don't wait until "Phase 2” -- start testing and personalization from Day 1

    Active Commerce provides a fully functional e-commerce front-end, based on Sitecore best practices, so you can focus on the content and testing strategies that can really turn the dial on your site engagement and conversion rates. Coupled with a unique rules-based discounting system, Active Commerce enables you to apply Sitecore’s marketing tools to your commerce site:

    • A/B or multivariate test buttons and messaging in the Shopping Cart and Checkout
    • Target content at customers based on products they have viewed
    • Offer role-based pricing to customer groups such as loyalty clubs or dealers/distributors
    • Target promotions at marketing campaigns, geographies, or other rules-based conditions
    • Target promotions at specific customer profiles based solely on browsing behavior on your site
  • Mobile Support
    A mobile-optimized shopping experience is more than just a “nice to have.” It’s critical to the success of your commerce implementation. Active Commerce goes beyond “responsive” and uses Sitecore’s built-in device detection capability to serve mobile-optimized components and styles, reducing friction in the mobile shopping experience.
  • Integrations and Plugins

    Active Commerce simplifies your commerce implementation by building on and within the leading customer experience management platform, removing significant integration and implementation costs for content management and marketing tools. Beyond these, Active Commerce offers a flexible integration architecture that allows developers to easily plug in everything from internal and legacy systems to 3rd party cloud service providers.

    In addition, Active Commerce includes a number of plugins for 3rd party services that can further simplify your commerce implementation:



    • UPS
    • FedEx
    • U.S. Postal Service

    Tax Rates or Calculation

    Advanced Search



    • Google Universal Analytics