Five years ago, no one believed we could sell our products online. We’ve exceeded our initial sales goals and plan to expand our e-commerce strategy into other product lines as well as reach global customers. We’re thrilled to have partnered with Active Commerce; they’ve been critical to our commerce journey, enabling our company to take our customer experience to the next level.

Boris Micha, Sr. Director Product Management & Marketing for Elma Electronic

We’re thrilled to collaborate with Active Commerce and have an e-commerce offering available for our consumers. Previously, Velcro.com did not allow for direct purchases of VELCRO® brand products. Instead, visitors were directed to a retailer nearest them. This new offering adds an element of convenience and will save our customers time when purchasing the products they need and want.

Julie Barry, Global Brand Manager for Velcro Industries

Integrating Active Commerce with Sitecore is seamless. Their people are smart and understand where Sitecore is going, and have been able to adjust and adapt in our environment. I can only give a very enthusiastic thumbs up to Active Commerce and I appreciate what they've done for us and with us, and look forward to being in a partnership win-win situation with them for many years to come.

Steve Griffin, Chief Digital Officer for Carson Dellosa Publishing

Since launching on Active Commerce: newsletter registrations are on track to increase by 70% annually, conversion rates are up by 4% and we’ve experienced dramatic increases in product and conference sales from the year prior to utilizing Active Commerce.

Ivana Pignattelli, Chief Digital Officer for Social Thinking