e-Commerce solution Active Commerce rolls out new shopping cart experiences, mobile-optimized CSS with release of version 3.1

MILWAUKEE, WIS - Building on its commitment to provide the best e-commerce experience to developers and a world-class shopping experience to users, Active Commerce, the Sitecore-powered solution that provides a unified platform for content management and e-commerce, today introduced its latest version, Active Commerce 3.1.
This newest version adds mobile optimization components to the program, providing a more comprehensive and easy-to-navigate checkout process for all shoppers on smartphone and tablet devices. 3.1’s adaptive design elements in the mobile payment portion of the site helps create better user experience for shoppers.

Developers will also experience more flexibility when designing shopping carts using 3.1, driven primarily through the software’s enhanced page editor functionality.

“As we continue to evolve Active Commerce, our goal is to always provide the best end-user experience possible that is benchmarked against best-in-class solutions in the marketplace today,” said Nick Wesselman, chief technology officer for Active Commerce. “3.1 makes shopping easier, especially across mobile devices, where more and more users are making purchases today, while also providing more flexibility to developers.”

For more information or a demo of Active Commerce, visit www.activecommerce.com.

About Active Commerce

Active Commerce is the brainchild of award-winning web developers, designers, and marketing strategists.  It is a best-in-class e-commerce software solution built to unleash Sitecore's dynamic Customer Engagement Platform and bring leading brands, and their products, closer to their best customers. For more information, visit www.activecommerce.com.