e-Commerce leader Active Commerce launches version 3.0


MILWAUKEE, WIS. – Active Commerce, the Sitecore-powered solution that provides a unified platform for content management and e-commerce, today released Active Commerce 3.0, the latest product iteration that takes complete advantage of Sitecore 7 search capabilities.

Active Commerce 3.0 provides several new features that allow marketing professionals to work more efficiently while providing a better overall experience for visitors. The new version is built on Sitecore 7.1 and includes customized product management interfaces that allow for efficient searching and editing of product data within the Sitecore interface.

The existing faceted product search functionality of Active Commerce has also been upgraded to utilize Sitecore 7 search technologies, creating a better performing and more flexible product search experience.

Finally, the upgrade includes a number of technology enhancements to improve the productivity of developers implementing the product.

“With the latest version of Active Commerce 3.0 now available, developers will be able to more effectively develop e-commerce sites to drive business results,” said Eric Allen, president of Active Commerce.

For more information or a demo of Active Commerce, visit www.activecommerce.com.

About Active Commerce

Active Commerce is the brainchild of award-winning web developers, designers, and marketing strategists.  It is a best-in-class e-commerce software solution built to unleash Sitecore's dynamic Customer Engagement Platform and bring leading brands, and their products, closer to their best customers. For more information, visit www.activecommerce.com.