Redweb announces partnership with Active Commerce


Award-winning digital agency Redweb has joined forces with e-commerce specialists Active Commerce to offer its clients improved content and commerce solutions.

Built by a digital agency with decades of consumer goods experience, Active Commerce is a powerful e-commerce solution built on industry-leading content management and digital marketing platform Sitecore.

By bringing together content and commerce into one unified system, Active Commerce aims to improve customer satisfaction, reduce maintenance costs and streamline processes, while giving businesses the unique ability to use CMS’s digital marketing and personalisation capabilities to customise their site and complement the needs of their brand.

With research from market analysts Forrester showing that companies investing in better customer experiences considerably outperform those who don’t in terms of stock value, this is a very exciting opportunity for Redweb and its clients. And, with worldwide online spending set to reach $2.3 trillion by 2018, now is the perfect time for businesses to look at ways to improve user experience and maximise their potential.

With over 50,000 worldwide e-commerce sites valued at more than $1 million and 58% of organisations planning to re-platform within two years, Redweb’s partnership with Active Commerce puts the agency in a strong position going forward.

About Active Commerce

Active Commerce helps B2B and B2C organizations efficiently manage content and commerce experiences which increases revenue and gets them closer to to their customers.

Active Commerce provides a fully-integrated, native e-commerce solution for Sitecore - including web and mobile optimized storefronts and pre-built integrations for payments, tax, shipping and third party systems.  It’s the only e-commerce solution that has true experience management capability built in, allowing you to take advantage of Sitecore’s proven tools required to run successful digital experiences, including Marketing Automation, Experience Management, Business Analytics, Product Information Management, and Digital Asset Management.

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