e-Commerce leader Active Commerce partners with software solutions provider Parse3


MILWAUKEE, WIS - Active Commerce, the Sitecore-powered solution that provides a unified platform for content management and e-commerce, today announced a partnership with New York-based Parse3, a software solutions provider.

As part of the partnership, Parse3 and Active Commerce will work together to provide Sitecore-powered e-commerce solutions to clients in order to create business impact. Eric Allen, president of Active Commerce, is thrilled to add the New York technology partner their growing list of partners.

“From the moment we met with Parse3 and especially founder and CEO Peter Ladka, we saw tremendous opportunities for synergies and collaboration as we work towards creating real business impact for our customers,” said Allen. “Together and through the customizable marketing management interfaces powered by SiteCore 7.1, clients looking to market products and services with an e-commerce component have never had more opportunities.”

Parse3’s experiences dates back to its founding in 1997, when Ladka and Jay Oliver set out to build websites for small to mid-sized businesses venturing into the e-commerce space.

Over nearly two decades, Parse3 has worked with many leading brands in developing customized solutions, including Crayola, Old Navy and Thomson Reuters. “This partnership with Active Commerce is a great extension of our team’s capabilities, and we’re thrilled to bring their marketing suite of products to clients,” said Ladka.

For more information or a demo of Active Commerce, visit www.activecommerce.com.

About Active Commerce

Active Commerce is the brainchild of award-winning web developers, designers, and marketing strategists.  It is a best-in-class e-commerce software solution built to unleash Sitecore's dynamic Customer Engagement Platform and bring leading brands, and their products, closer to their best customers. For more information, visit www.activecommerce.com.