Active Commerce CTO Nick Wesselman Wins Sitecore “Most Valuable Professional” Award for the Fourth Time

Elite distinction awarded for Exceptional Contributions to the Sitecore Community

MILWAUKEE (Jan. 28, 2015) – Active Commerce today announced that Nick Wesselman, CTO has been named a “Technology Most Valuable Professional (MVP)” by Sitecore, the global leader in customer experience management. Nick was one of only 141 people worldwide to be named a Sitecore technology MVP this year. There are more than 26,000 developers in Sitecore’s global network.

Now it it’s ninth year, Sitecore’s MVP program recognizes individual technology and digital strategy advocates who share their Sitecore passion and expertise to offer positive customer experiences that drive business results. The Sitecore Technology MVP Award recognizes the most active Sitecore experts from around the world who participate in online and offline communities to share their knowledge with other Sitecore partners and customers.

“Technical prodigy, product visionary and respected leader are the terms that come to mind when I think of Nick and his contribution to Active Commerce.  People forget that Nick and his team created Active Commerce, the first and only e-commerce solution native to Sitecore well over two years ago,“ said Eric Allen, President of Active Commerce. “It’s no surprise that he’s recognized for the fourth consecutive year in a row as someone who shares the passion for driving business results - by definition, he is a Most Valuable Professional.”

Active Commerce also congratulates the Sitecore MVP Award winners within their partner network. “We are very proud of the impressive accomplishments of our partners,” said Scott Kurtz, VP Marketing and Operations for Active Commerce. “We choose partners who are passionate about delivering outstanding digital experiences, and for them to be recognized as MVPs by Sitecore and the development community means a lot to us and our clients.”

Sitecore MVP Award winners within the Active Commerce partner network include:

·  Mark Graber, Agency Oasis

·  Nick Laidlaw, Agency Oasis

·  Mark Ursino, Agency Oasis

·  Jonathan Dominguez,

·  Ahmed Okour,

·  Chris Spears, Arke Systems

·  Craig Taylor, Arke Systems

·  Andy Uzick, Arke Systems

·  Richard Cabral, Genuine Interactive

·  Michael Reynolds, Hanson Dodge Creative

·  Nicola Gotsev, Hedgehog Development

·  Sean Holmesby, Hedgehog Development

·  Sean Kearney, Hedgehog Development

·  Charlie Turano, Hedgehog Development

·  David Mead, NavigationArts, LLC

·  Nick Allen, Nonlinear Digital

·  Robert Barbedo, Nonlinear Digital

·  Eduard Moraes, Nonlinear Digital

·  Glen Mcinnis, Nonlinear Digital

·  Jason St-Cyr, Nonlinear Digital

·  Amanda Shiga, Nonlinear Digital

·  Randy Woods, Nonlinear Digital

·  Corey Caplette, Velir Studios

·  Daniel DeLay, Velir Studios

·  Dan Solovay, Velir Studios

·  Trevor Campbell, Verndale

·  Paul Caponetti, Verndale

·  Sean Connell, Verndale

·  Sean Rusinko, Verndale

·  Liz Spranzani, Verndale

“We are grateful for the leadership, expertise and ongoing contributions that Nick has made to the Sitecore community,” said Lars Fløe Nielsen, Co-Founder and senior vice president, technical marketing, Sitecore. “Nick has demonstrated mastery of our technology and exemplifies the spirit of Sitecore.” 

Sitecore’s experience platform combines web content management, omni-channel digital delivery, customer insight and engagement, and strategic digital marketing tools into a single, unified platform. The platform is incredibly easy to use, capturing every minute interaction – and intention – that customers and prospects have with a brand, both on a website and across other digital channels. The end-to-end experience technology works behinds the scenes to deliver content targeted to individual customers, so that they engage in relevant brand experiences that earn loyalty and achieve results.

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About Active Commerce

Active Commerce provides fully-integrated e-commerce and product catalog functionality for Sitecore, so that developers and content administrators alike get to work within one unified platform for content, marketing and commerce. It’s the only e-commerce solution that has true experience management capability built in, allowing you to take advantage of Sitecore’s proven tools required to run successful digital experiences, including Marketing Automation, Experience Management, Business Analytics, Product Information Management, and Digital Asset Management.

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